As Women, some of us were taught to really dislike our cycles; almost as if it's something to feel ashamed of or that it's an inconvenience. From a biological stand point (and even what society shows us) it's an icky yet taboo subject to even discuss... Unfortunately considering that it's a naturally occuring process. From my experience, what I've come to realizes is that it serves a multitude of purposes aside from just pro-creation. This process is truly a sacred gift, a blessing even, and with this gift it can be used to change Your life for however You see fit!

When I reached my Menstrual years, I would dread the thought of my cycle when it came around (I'm sure we've all been there). The PMS symptoms, feeling imbalanced, and the dramatic swing of emotions (whew!). Man it felt like such a pain to deal with, a necessary evil I suppose. However, as I got older, I began to develop a new perspective about my menstrual cycle. Combined with a new found awareness of just life as a whole, I started doing research in natural health along with herbal remedies, and from there got swept up in a world of feminine health that I had never encountered before.

Your Menstural Cycle (Moon Cycle) is an extremely powerful time. In ancient traditions it was viewed as a time for women to release; let go of physical illnesses or flush out imbalances to create room for new energy to thrive. It was expected for women to rest during their time of menstruation; take time to engage in deep reflection and meditation. Every month presented an opportunity for these practices to take place. In various cultures, women in those times were respected and honored, even revered as sacred. During that time of the month, they were supported to provide vision for the community as a whole. 

Very empowering information to take in if I do say so myself! Every cycle is special in what it can reveal to You about Yourself. Rituals, which are simply habits repeated over and over (nothing spooky about that right?) can be applied to bring about the change you seek in Your life... Because I'm sure we've all had moments where we've wanted to change something about our lives. And this doesn't have to be extravagant; it can be very simple! Every month your cycle arrives, you can create a routine that cleanses/ releases what no longer serves You purpose, and invite what it is that You desire to fill that space. As the blood flows, imagine all of your problems... all of the negative energy leaving your body. Any and everything that no longer has purpose, let it all go. This cleansing will give you a fresh start; a clean slate to keep you motivated on your path to achieving your goals.

So, bleeding a few days out of the month isn't such a terrible thing is it? I like to consider it now as a Queen-like birth right. Kind of gives you a level of confidence in knowing you're designed exactly how you're supposed to be; as a True Creator. Tap into Your True Power Goddess, You have everything You need to succeed in all that You do, remember that. I truly hope that this information has inspired someone today... It's an honor to share. Take Care.