Most of Us are familiar with the popular Universal Law of Attraction; where either positive or negative thoughts bring about positive or negative experiences to You. However, this philosophy can be a little bit misleading. Wanting something so badly, longing for something can actually result in resistance or pushing what it is that you want further and further away. 

The reason for why this can happen, is that You are focusing on what's lacking CONSTANTLY! Thinking about it over and over and the negative aspects of why You don't have what You want can create some seriously undesirable thought forms. The energy that goes into those thoughts can be misguided; how horrible Your life is going because You don't have what you really want. Energy always flows into what You NEED, and the Universe understands that.

So, how do we transform this energy to get the results we want? Simple math of course! Stop pouring your energy into your problems: what you don't have, what's not going right at the moment, etc. Negative thinking redirects your intentions/energy into the things You Do. Not. Want. When manifesting or creating the thought forms that will benefit You, translate your message to the Universe as: "I am Manifesting my desire." instead of "I don't have what I need." Be Mindful of when thoughts of lack arise and make an effort to change it immediately. Focus your thoughts on what You are in need of so that your needs will increase. Happy Manifesting!