Right about now you have probably noticed a new term has been assigned to the woman's most intimate part of herself. This relatively new term is not new at all, but actually very ancient. In certain New Age and Conscious Communities, this term has been in use since as early as the 1960's. Recently the popularity of this word, which is used to describe the most holy of spaces, has surged! The word I'm speaking of is the Yoni. "What is the Yoni?" you may be asking. Well, let's dive in first from an anatomy perspective...

The Yoni is an absorbent organ; a mucus membrane that can both secrete and absorb fluids at a HIGHER rate than the skin. The multiple layers of skin that make up the Yoni are dead or dying cells that work hard to protect the skin against infection, unlike the thick surface texture of your skin. Luckily, the Yoni naturally cleanses itself; if there's something going on that shouldn't have been taken in, the Yoni's natural secretions will flush it out to maintain it's pH balance (hence when you get a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis, the excess amount of discharge that's present is proof of that). However, irritation can occur if this keeps happening, which can end up disrupting your Yoni's natural flora that can create a breeding ground of chronic infections or disease. 

The Womb is also a vessel that is designed to create. The Sanskrit word for Yoni translates into "sacred space", and this applies to more than just carrying children. This can be intrepreted on many levels into how certain energies can manifest in the Womb. And depending on the energies presented, they can either be of benefit to you and your Health or become extremely detrimental. Most of us when we were introduced to sexual education, we were only taught about the physical aspects of what's taking place; the anatomy and how the reproductive organs work. However, there are emotional aspects to consider (because, emotion is simply energy in motion). In a sexual energy exchange (SEX), those energies are being transferred between partners. That means whatever You or Your Partner is thinking or feeling, You are receiving... Regardless if it's good or bad.

Let's consider some of the "bad"/negative energies. Over time, if these energies exist in the womb, they can leave you drained, fatigued, unsure of what to do, dysfunction etc. etc. These stagnant energies can be from past lovers, abortions, stds, fibroids, and even generational trauma! They create blockages in any goals/dreams you may want to achieve, and create a myriad of emotions leaving you feeling un-centered/unbalanced. Another caveat to consider: these negative energies can be as simple as how You THINK/FEEL about Yourself, or how You may think others perceive You... We can be our biggest critic at times, so it's important to be mindful of those thoughts; what You think can and will become Your reality in time. Physical illness, dis-ease, and ailments ALL spark from thoughts and emotions FIRST!

There are ways to cleanse and heal the Womb that will cover the mental, emotional, and physical ailments that most struggle with. To circumvent these issues physically, it's vital to know what ingredients are being used in today's Yoni products. Detoxing by way of Yoni Steaming is a way to cleanse and give yourself a clean slate to regenerate healthy cells. Water-based, organically sourced ingredients for daily cleansing are also important to encourage the Yoni's natural cleansing. Even a simple body detox (drinking more water, healthier diet, regular exercise, etc.) can assist in a healthier Yoni! Also, Your menstruation is a natural cycle of cleansing of these energies! Most of us forget that this little "blessing" is actually a tool! Every month is an opportunity to do this, so the mere thought of it works! 

Breathing and meditation exercises can also assist in releasing stagnant energy in the Womb. Focusing on your breathing clears and calms the Mind, and mantras can be created to reprogram how you think and feel about Yourself. Heres's an example: 

"My Yoni is Sacred.

My Yoni is Healthy.

My Yoni is Divine.

I release the stagnant energy that no longer serves me.

I welcome loving and healing energy into my Womb."

With every problem that is presented, there is always a solution... That's the balance of Life. The same goes for Your health; any imbalance or disharmony that's revealed is your body speaking to you to let you know what's happening. All you have to do is listen. Stay safe, and take care.