I'm always drawn to the many ways of addressing our mental/spiritual/ and physical health... Especially since they all have to do with one another. So once I heard about this new terminology for the guys, I knew I had to do some digging. Deriving from the slang term for male masturbation, #nofap is a community forum that acts as support to men who wish to abstain from masturbation and pornography. This doesn't include not having sexual intercourse, this community began due to the persistent nature of masturbating and becoming addicted to pornography. However from some research, MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way) have adopted this to abstain from women. From my perspective, I can easily see this as an opportunity for men to use this term as a spiritual practice and healthy lifestyle change; to control and maintain your life force energy (understanding what it is and what it means to you) and take the necessary steps to getting to know and love yourself.

Other benefits include: - increased energy - increased testosterone - elimination of premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction - quality of sleep - confidence & happiness - better sex - brain reset - increased creativity

I know I know... It's easier said than done, but I have to say, these results seem to be quite phenomenal so far! Now, just how long does this #nofap go on? The length of time that goes into #nofap is generally abstaining for up to 90 days or more. Other factors will determine how long you may feel is needed (such as level of addiction if you think one is present) but it really comes down to what results you're striving for. The goal should be a degree of self-control.

Some men have reported some of the spiritual aspects of #nofap (this really intrigued me here). Taking on this challenge allowed themselves to focus and build their intentions on goals and dreams they have; and seeing them manifest. Some have experienced a loss of ego, feeling complete/ whole, and centered within themselves or the Universe. I found this to be extremely profound, but given the information I'm not surprised given our sexual energy is indeed a powerful energy that brings forth life. This is similar to some of the ancient eastern teachings of Tantra as well as modern practices of Sexual Reflexology. I can only imagine given the confidence and happiness with Self that's obtained by this practice, the effect it would have on the ladies as well (magnetic!)

If you're interested in taking the first step into #nofap, there are some things to consider prior to starting:

- Lower abdominal pain can occur due to semen buildup. Regular masturbation usually gives semen the room to move. So when that process is stopped, there can be a re-adjustment period due to the body being confused. Once the body has adjusted, that energy will put to use towards other areas of the body.

- Becoming impatient/aggressive from the large amounts of energy. Again, this will take some adjustment because you're not used to using this excess amount of energy for other things. Ways of using that energy would be exercise, meditation, or put it towards something creative.

- Blue balls and uncontrollable urges... Kind of sounds like puberty all over again right? Erections can occur at the wrong times, wet dreams can even arise over the first few months of the transition. More mental focus and being diligent in directing that energy will become easier, just give yourself time.