Fellas Fellas Fellas...

A slight word on taking care of your Life Force.

I know you guys are familiar with your sperm/semen being your life force. Life Force is in fact your energy, your essence, your Light! However: unhealthy sperm constitutes for an unhealthy life force. This comes from unhealthy eating habits, and honestly your overall consumption in regards to your environment (what you watch, read, think about, listen to... Your typical day to day). As you age, your testosterone levels decrease and by the time you're in your mid 30's, you may not be able to work it like you used to. Low testosterone also means low fertility/vitality rate, and can create room for long term issues such as erectile dysfunction or even sterilization. No worries though, you can clean it up easily!

- Lessen your red meat intake. Red meat is acidic and comes through your pores and leaves your life force a salty, unpleasant smell and taste (a NO GO!). Meat in general works your digestive system way too hard, so your reproductive system will jump in to help with digesting (that’s where the odor comes from).

- Add more leafy greens to your diet such as kale, red lettuce, and spinach, and also fruits to nourish and provide the nutrients needed to function properly.

- Water, water, and more water! Hydrates the body and assists in flushing out toxins.

Some herbs for healthy sperm (easiest to find at your local natural food store): - Yohimbe - Saw Palmetto - Maca root

- Ashwagandha

Quick Tip: Blueberries is one of nature’s Viagra. Rich in flavonoids, these blue babies help in preserving the health of your blood vessels, allowing the blood to flow with ease. Foods with flavonoids assist in erectile dysfunction. Drop a handful in a smoothie or just eat as is.

Ladies take heed with this information as well! If you have some brothers in your life that you care about (and i know you do) spread the word! Self-care is the best care indeed.