I've given some background on how the womb imprint affects the ladies, however the men do have their own imprint that they may not be aware of. It's clear that there's a huge divide between men and women and why we just can't seem to understand one another... Mostly due to misinformation about ourselves and simple Mind Control (gender wars, MGTOW, Feminism, etc... My personal beliefs, however we'll keep it light here). But we all know that with knowledge, comes understanding. There may be some men out there that can't seem to figure out where have all the good women gone... Why they can't seem to find a decent partner or always find themselves in some unwanted, and even traumatic situations. Well let me be the one to tell you: Homie, you're attracting these situations to you. And understanding your imprint can help you break down your reasons as to why you keep attracting these situations/people in your life, and correct it!

Now, men may not physically have a womb, but it can be considered an intellectual one. The male imprint happens mentally; and is determined by either his acceptance (liking you for you) or rejection from an alpha female. And noooo we're not talking alpha as far as a masculine concept (Heaven's no!). Alpha female is defined as being the most feminine; feminine in her nature and even her looks... how she carries herself. This is normally determine initially by your mother. Your mother's personality and how she carries herself, how she interacts with other men is the blueprint that most men go off of, and that can be either a positive or a negative (Mama is usually the 1st teacher). Aside from Moms, it'll be those first female encounters that shapes your world view and how you continue to interact in relationship with women. The 2nd aspect of the male imprint is sexual intercourse with an alpha female. A perfect example of this would be being acknowledged by the most popular girl in school AND having her be your 1st. Surprisingly, there's some brothers who have had those experiences, but if you're someone who hasn't, think of the personalities of your first 3 sexual encounters that you've had, and that'll give you a better understanding.

Not to get off subject, I've came across a few brothers who's very first sexual encounters were through some sort of molestation at very young ages (especially in black families). Women definitely have harked on this time and time again, but men don't seem to have a voice when it comes to these experiences. I'm not sure if it's because it's frowned upon as a man to speak about it or what have you, but I find it truly alarming that this happens to men and women wonder why they've been treated the way that they have in relationship to men! In both instances, there has to be some serious self-work done to heal those parts of ourselves in order to be the best for each other, and to cut the cord on this vicious cycle. But I won't ramble on, let's get back to the imprint...

So in short fellas, these initial encounters make up your subconscious mind when it comes to interacting with your feminine half, and speaking from a woman's perspective: what you give her she will definitely manifest as a reality for you. If she doesn't respect you, more times than not you don't respect yourself or feel you don't deserve respect (and that's fundamental in relationship). Brothers deserve love too, and that love has to start with you FIRST.