In the practice of Magick, one of the most important things that most seem to misunderstand is that there has to be sacrifice. You cannot receive if your hands are full y'know? Holding on to things disrupts the natural flow of things; the synergy of give and take which can lead energy to being stagnant or even stifling (and there's a millions of examples we could go through that display this kind of behavior: toxic relationships at the top of the list). Now, there are all kinds of sacrifices that can be made when performing rituals/spells (some more extreme than others) but let's keep it simple for now. Besides time, fasting is one of the easiest ways to enhance your Magick, ultimately enhancing YOU! Fasting is simply abstaining; doing without certain things you induldge in (be it food or even an activity) and has been used for centuries. It's regarded as an inseperable element of higher spiritual works/practices because of the many benefits entailed. Some of the spiritual ones include:

- Helps accumulate unique energies in the body

- Renews the Mine

- Deepens awareness

- Recharges the spiritual/physical body

There are of course, health benefits to fasting:

- Removal of toxins

- Weight reduction

- Controlling high blood pressure

- Reducing cholesterol

- Improves organ functions

- Enhances working capacity of the brain

There's different kinds of fasting as well:

1. Short Fasting: lasts from 6 to 24 hours

2. Intermittent: one day a week

3. Long Fasting: 5-7 days

4. Extended: usually 2 weeks to 40 days

My personal experience with fasting has really shown me where I can be more disciplined in my actions, and focus more diligently on my plans/goals. A clear Mind, awareness also heightened... Not to mention the benefit of weight loss (he he). I'm still trucking along, but I plan on sticking with it since it's been so much of a benefits to me. I do hope that if you embark on this journey to educate yourself more, and while practicing: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!