A lovely spa treatment for anyone looking to unwind and just relax! Most of us are familiar with the health properties of taking salt baths (removes toxins, softens/nourishes the skin, reduces stress/anxiety) however, salt baths can be used for healing results that go beyond the surface.

Healing/Magickal properties of salt, is used for protection, purification, attraction, and repelling. Adding essential oils and/or herbs of specific properties (example: rose = love, chamomile = relaxation) with salt enhances the bath and creates a frequency to align yourself to what is desired. This can also be called a process of Invocation.

The etymology of Invocation, or invoke, means to call upon/summon. These terms are typically used for it's negative aspects when describing spirits and ghosts, but here we don't deal with misinformation. To invoke is simple to take on energies, or unlock certain energies in Yourself, to use for a specific purpose.

So with that being said, when using salt baths you're using your divine senses (5 senses) to reprogram your Mind (because that's all that Magick is anyway). You're smelling the herbs and oils, feeling the warmth of the water, seeing the transformation of the salt in your bath... thus creating an atmosphere to relax, heal, attract, purify, repel, Whatever you choose to do!

I create bath salts for this specific purpose. Every intent is put into each batch for a specific job; a tool to assist in whatever it is that you're looking to accomplish. Plus, a little of my baths go a LONG way, however if you're looking to amp up your bath, you can add more Epsom or sea salt to boost.