Felt like being a little silly today (he he). There's an old saying when it comes to earrings, that the bigger the hoops, the bigger the heaux. I've always found that interesting (and quite hilarious) as to how people come up with these sayings! So that's prompted me to do just a little research, and I was quite intrigued with what I found.

In Magickal arts, it was believed that spirits could enter the body through it's openings (ears, mouth, nose, etc.) to control the individual. Earrings were worn to ward off unwanted or even considered evil spirits as a form of protection. Certain metals and gems were used to enhanced the protection. Folklore also states that pierced earrings are recommended to strengthen weak eyes, and particular metals were chosen to treat ailments (example: gold to cure headaches).

So I think it's safe to say, the bigger the hoops, the bigger the Magickian.