Many women suffer from ailments that hinder not only their overall health, but womb health as well. This can cause serious complications in the long run, such as difficult pregnancies and even infertility. A few years ago, I was one of those women dealing with these issues, and my research led me to some interesting information. In my findings, the cause of an unhealthy womb is simple: Mucus. Now most of us are familiar with mucus when it comes to the common cold and flu, but ANY presence of mucus in the body is a sure sign of toxic waste. And in case you weren't aware: Mucus is the underlying cause of ALL disease! This research was done and documented by none other than Dr. Sebi. Mucus found in the womb creates tumors which can lead to cysts/fibroids, and if not treated can lead to cancer. Mucus comes from eating acidic foods such as meat and dairy, and not enough alkaline based foods (fruits and vegetables). The toxins released from the acidic foods also causes longer periods, heavy bleeding, and cramping pains associated with periods. This is also where excessive discharge comes from (the womb working to get rid of the toxins) and strong odors that your womb shouldn't have (your digestive system is working too hard to process the acidic foods, making your womb work twice as hard!)

How to get rid of these toxins? Easy: you have to change your diet. Ultimately you want live a vegan-based lifestyle for maximum results, but if you're not there just yet, cut your meat intake in half along with sugars and starches. Start implementing more leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. There's also some detoxes that you can perform from the inside out to speed up the process. I offer a myriad of Yoni health products that naturally assist the womb in cleansing, with more to come. I feel that this kind of information is VITAL to our women; most of us have been extremely misinformed about our bodies, and in the age of information we can learn and understand how to take care of ourselves better. To care for Self, is the highest act of Self Love.