L a d i e s . . .

We've all reached that point in relationships where we feel as if we can't seem to get it right. "Why do I keep choosing the wrong guy?" "Why am I always finding myself being mistreated?" "I don't deserve this, why does this keep happening to me?!" Simple dear: there's something about you that's attracting individuals that mistreat you, disrespect you, and unfortunately don't truly care about you. As unpleasant as that may sound, however we can get down to the root of why this keeps occurring. One of those tools I haphazardly stumbled across and it has been a SERIOUS breakthrough! 

 Depending on that "talk" we've had with the women in our lives (if some of us have ever had the talk at all) we may have only received limited information due to their experiences. And in some cases that information was limited due to the women in our lives protecting us (hey, Mama tried y'know?). But even with that, we've dealt with some HELLACIOUS situations that have us misinformed about Who We Are. We're gonna demystify that shit today ok?! 

 So in my rabbit hole of research, I came across some information dealing with what is called the Womb Imprint. Imprinting is simply a memory, or recording of an event/experience, which is stored in both your physical and energy bodies. Many aren't aware of these imprints due to lack of information on energy exchange (just because it can't be seen does not mean it's not happening). We've covered in prior excerpts that Your Womb is a Sacred Space; a creative space that also stores information and emotion. Understanding this definition, our first sexual encounters lay the foundation for who and what we seek as far as a partner in relationships (character, personality, physical attributes). We can even take it back farther than our first sexual experiences. Our relationships with our fathers (or lack thereof) play a role in this as well... Hell we had to go off of some prototype! Relationships are mirrors; and you WILL attract what you subconsciously put out or what you were given as far as the environment you were brought up in. So depending on your partners, you have many imprints on your Womb that are either serving you to your benefit or to your demise (most of the time it's the latter). 

 Now with that being said, if you're dealing with fuck boys, more times than not your blue print (or imprint) was that of a fuck boy! When I came to this conclusion I was RELIEVED! Knowing this information and understanding Who I Am (a fucking Goddess) I can change the frequency of who and what I was attracting to me (Empowering AF right?!). And trust me, the change was rapid! Remember: Your Womb is an intelligence within ITSELF. Deprogram and reprogram accordingly. Take care.