Did you know that your Womb is a vessel designed to create??? The word Yoni translates to what is known as a "sacred space", and the creation process doesn't just go for procreation. You can manifest/ create/ bring to fruition ANY and EVERY thing you desire! (we'll get into that later).

So with that understanding, having a cleansed Womb is VITAL!  Most of us when we learned about the birds and the bees, had no clue of some of the emotional aspects of sex and dealing with the energies that take place. During intercourse, your energy is transferred to your partner's and vice versa. That means whatever they are thinking, whatever they are feeling YOU are receiving.... Good AND bad. 

 Let's deal with the "bad"/negative energies. Over time, if these energies exist in the womb, they can leave you drained, fatigued, unsure of what to do, dysfunction etc. etc. These stagnant energies can be from past lovers, abortions, stds, fibroids, you name it! They create blockages in any goals/dreams you may want to achieve, and create a myriad of emotions leaving you feeling un-centered/unbalanced.

Another thing I wanted to point out: these negative energies can be as simple as how you THINK/FEEL about Yourself, or how you may think others perceive you... We can be our biggest critic at times, so it's important to be mindful of that. (what you think becomes reality... etc.)

So, how do you cleanse the womb of this negative energy???

- Your menstruation is a natural cycle of cleansing of these energies! Most of us forget that this little "blessing" is actually a tool! Every month is opportunity to do this, so the mere thought of it works!

- Breathing/meditation exercises catered to energy release in the womb/sacral chakra

- Mantras (example: my Yoni is sacred/ my Yoni is healthy/ my Yoni is divine)

- Yoni Steams, eggs, exercises

- Rituals (orange candle for sacral chakra)

I'll be sharing some womb release ideas here and there, but this is just the beginning. Ladies: again if you have any questions and don't feel comfortable asking in the comments, feel free to contact.