Such a popular topic when it comes to keeping 'her' tight, right? The term Kegels was actually named by Obstetrician Dr. Kegel, which is also the name given to describe the pelvic floor exercise. In modern day, the name began to ring bells with women when research showed that there were some extraordinary benefits to practicing this range of motion.

To be honest, this isn't anything new. In ancient history, women were known to use this practice in order to "train" their pelvic muscles to please their partners; to heighten their sensations. This can also INTENSIFY the woman's orgasms during intercourse (so you really see the incentive here lol). Overall, this is perfect training considering a woman's pelvic floor is a very important place: serving as support to organs such as the vagina, urethra, and anus. Other benefits include proper motor functions of the bladder and bowels, and this is pertinent to have in tacked as we go along in age.

Kegels are simply the tightening and releasing of your pelvic floor. You know how when you need to use the bathroom but you can't at the moment? Holding it is the same way you would perform kegels! There are various ways to do this: You can pulse (a quick tighten and release), hold for a certain count (10-30 seconds), an elevator (slowly tighten and slowly release) or even use objects such as benwa balls or yoni eggs to add weight or grip (kind of for the advanced kegel enthusiast lol)

Now in my research, I've also found that Men (yes, men) can perform this as well, and has some pretty interesting benefits as far as their health. You can pass it along to one of you Male friends that may be in need, or just curious! Their benefits include:

- Improving erection angle - Improves erection quality - Intense orgasms - Enlarges penis (wow)

Kegel exercises for the men: fellas, you want to find your PC (pelvic) muscle. You can do this the next time you use the bathroom. While urinating, contract your muscles to stop/slow your flow, and there you have it!

I have to say, these benefits aren't too bad for either one of us! The exercises don't have to be strenuous, just a few minutes out of your day. Be sure to check out the diagrams I have below for more instructions on how to do these exercises...... I think I'll get started on mine (he, he).