Your divine senses (5 senses) are the keys to programming Your Mind... Point. Blank. Period! All of our memories, good AND bad are defined by these senses, otherwise how else would you be able to retain them? Aromatherapy is one way that can easily help you unlock and release trauma and allow you to center Yourself when it comes to those not so good memories, and even bring you into a frequency to create a place of peace by recalling those great memories!

Now, aromatherapy is simply the use of aromatic plants, herbs, and/or oils to improve Your psychological and physical well-being. This practice has been used for thousands of years, although today it's considered an alternative medicine. The oils that are derived from healing plants and herbs can be inhaled, applied to the skin (with a carrier oil of course; essential oils can be volatile) and ingested with PROPER use. It's been proven to help individuals overcome various health issues without taking prescribed medication.

Some healing benefits of aromatherapy:

- Relieves chronic stress/anxiety

- Depression

- Insomnia

- Muscle/ joint pain

- Respiratory infections

- Fatigue

There are also some Magickal/Spiritual benefits:

- Invocation

- Protection

- Divination

- Attraction

When using essential oils, be sure that they are therapeutic grade or organic (especially when applying to skin or ingesting). Research carrier oils to see what works best for you. Diffusers are excellent for changing the atmosphere in a room or to create a spa/sauna effect in a hot shower. Take Care!