"The Girls"... "Boobs"... "Juggs"... "Chi-Chi's", whatever endearing name you have for them, breasts are something that we all know is important. It helps sustain life for newborns as well as grabs the attention of the opposite sex, however, most women aren't really concerned about the health of our breast only when we reach a certain age (to get annual mammograms) or unfortunately when someone in our lives has complications with them (breast cancer). So here I go again, pondering on this specific topic which of course led me to do some digging. Medical wise we know that the breast are comprised of fatty tissue (glandular tissue that produces milk) combined with connective tissues & ligaments to give them support as well as shape. Blood vessels, lymph glands, lymph nodes and nerves are also found in the breast to support function as well, so it appears that everything is in it's proper place right? No worries as far as breast health right? Quite the contrary.

Over time, if overall health (diet, exercise, etc.) are not taken into account, problems can occur such as malignant tumors, cystic fibroids (yes, they can happen here too) and really just unhealthy looking breasts! I know I know, other factors can be associated with appearance, but ultimately it's about how you're treating Yourself (Mind, Body, and even Spirit!) My personal belief is that disease (dis-ease) starts FIRST in the Mind, and once you know that, it can easily be changed! (with time, consistency, and discipline of course). So let's get into some practices that will help get you on track to firm, perky (he he) and most importantly, HEALTHY breast!


1. Diet

Isn't it interesting that most cures/treatments all start with your diet??? No one really wants to hear that, but it's the common denominator for a lot of ailments the plague the body. Lots of water, lean meats (preferrably NO RED MEAT!), and loads of leafy greens and fruits! Healthy fats that contain Omega 3's or 6's are also good for the tissues. Some herbs and supplements that specifically target breast health are:

- Dong Quai

- Fenugreek

- Milk Thistle

- Basil (Holy Basil)


2. Massage Yes! This keeps the blood circulating and your lymphatic system running as it should. Relieves pain from breast-feeding as well as hormone breast tenderness (PMS Symptom). Add a mix of natural oils and essential oils and this can be a relaxing, spa treatment for you!

3. Exercise! Doesn't have to be strenuous, but certain exercises will help maintain shape and even enlarge your breasts! Simple ones like wall push-ups and old fashioned push-ups can easily do the trick.

I have a product available (Sunflower Breast Firming Oil) to help with firming, tightening and shaping of the breast... All natural of course, so check us out for purchasing! I do hope that this was enlightening for those who are interested. Take care!