All the rave in the Alternative Health/ New Age/ Conscious Community as many of us Ladies are on our journeys to be spiritual or health based. Another term for Vaginal Steaming, it's an ancient practice that allows the warmth and healing properties of the herbs to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. This process helps to NATURALLY aid in a woman's  reproductive system to cleanse, heal, and properly function. With the influx of so called natural products, along with the existing personal care products, most carry harmful chemicals and parabens which can lead to serious health issues in the long run. Using natural herbs eliminates the worry of toxic ingredients and keeps Self Care simple and easy!

There are a MYRIAD of healing benefits when it comes to Yoni Steams. What i've found in my practice that stood out to me the most are the spiritual properties:

- Removes negative energies and blockages.

- Can be used for invocation (taking on certain energies/frequencies to achieve a certain result/goal).

- Centering/ Grounding due to the herbs being nurtured from Mother Nature herself.

- Excellent spa treatment to wind down and just treat yourself, because it's NECESSARY!

Wondering if steaming may or may not be right for you? Here are some things to consider on when you should steam:

- Dark blood at the beginning/end of menstrual cycle.

- Postpartum/ post miscarriage/ & post abortion.

- Irregular or absent menstrual cycles.

- Menstrual cycles that last longer than a week.

- Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, & PCOS.

- Infertility/ Conception preparation.

- Heavy cramping & Endometriosis.

Times when NOT to steam:

- Infection/ irritation is present.

- Pregnancy

- During Menstrual Cycle.

Some things to expect with consistent use of steaming:

- Changes in vaginal flora (pH balance corrected).

- Shift in menstrual flow.

- Boost in libido.

- Toning and firming of the skin & reproductive system.

- Feeling more centered and relaxed.

In my personal experience using steams, this has help correct a lot of my issues I was facing a few years ago on my healing journey. It has helped so Much that I can't help but share and provide them to those who in search of a womb-healing solution.